eConsult - Important Information - Please Read

eConsult – What is it?

eConsult is a way of communicating directly with the practice about an important medical issue which you would like some help with. You can complete an eConsult between 18.30hrs Sunday and 18.30hrs Friday. Outside those times please use or telephone 111.

The online consultation service called eConsult lets you ask for help about a medical problem from your doctor or other members of the medical team at your own practice. Of course, if you find you’re unable to do something online, you may still phone the surgery during its opening hours - but we’d really urge you to try using the eConsult service first. Online, phone and video consultations do not replace being able to meet your GP but provide another option when a trip to the surgery isn’t needed.

Think you need a routine appointment?

You can contact the surgery in the morning and receive a response on any working day - this is both for routine and urgent matters. This will enable you to have a same day telephone or face to face appointment if this is required. Here's how to arrange this:

  • All e-Consultations with be reviewed by our Care Coordinators who will either respond to you directly if this is an administrative question they can answer, or be passed on to the most appropriate person to deal with this. This could include our clinical pharmacist, a nurse or advanced nurse practitioner or one of the GPs.
  • If you feel that your problem is best addressed by your usual GP, please first check which days your usual GP is working - see when your usual GP is available.
  • Complete an online e-Consultation before 12:00pm on a day when your usual GP is working and you will be added to their list for the day. If you eConsult after 12:00pm, for non-urgent matters, you may receive a response on the next working day. If your usual GP is not available, your eConsult may be passed to another clinician for review.
  • If you would like to talk to or see a GP, we cannot guarantee an exact time for this to occur, but please let us know if you have a preference so that we can try and accommodate this.
  • Please do not email or use the practice contact form. We no longer accept emails to the practice email address regarding clinical matters.
  • Please do not use eConsult to book nurse appointments. Blood tests can be booked through GP online services, for other nurse appointments you can telephone 01869 249333 and make a nurse appointment.
  • GPs will no longer be booking routine follow-up appointments - if you are advised that a follow-up appointment is necessary, you will be advised to contact the GP when the follow up is due (i.e. if your GP has advised that you need a follow up in 6 weeks, you should submit an e-Consultation in 6 weeks’ time, in the morning on a day of the week your GP is working). This is YOUR responsibility to arrange.

If you need an urgent appointment

If you feel your issue cannot wait until your GP is next in surgery, you are still able to eConsult on any working day. In this situation we ask you to complete an eConsult as early as possible and NO LATER THAN 12.00pm.

  • Please give us as much information about your problem as you can. We will signpost you to the most appropriate person to help with it. This could be a GP, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, practice-based Clinical Pharmacist or self-care advice through community pharmacists, etc. It is vital that you include in the eConsult as much information as possible, as this is passed to the doctor who can prioritise accordingly
  • The clinician will provide an initial assessment and will only ask you to attend the surgery if they consider it is appropriate for your condition.