Online Services Registration

Need to set up GP Online Access?

GP Online Access is a secure, simple and quick way to view, book or cancel appointments, order a prescription and track its progress and to view your medical record, including test results, details of consultations, allergies and all medication you have been prescribed.

Setting up your account is simple. First, read through the instructions on how to start, then visit the registration page to enter your details and create your account. Once your account has been created, your GP practice will check the details and activate your full access. NOTE: although the instructions advise you to bring a form of ID to the practice, in almost all cases one of our clinicians will be able to vouch for you from the information you provide when setting up your GP Online Access Account. Unless we explicitly ask you to do so, it is not necessary to bring identification documents to the practice.

Do you want GP Online Access for your child(ren)?

We can arrange GP Online access for your children. Please visit our Online Forms page on this website and complete the form at the bottom of the page - "Request GP Online Services to Access my Child(ren)'s Record"