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Get the NHS App - See The NHS App information page for details of features on offer

You can also visit www.patientaccess.com to register for a GP Online services account - Before you start, please read the guide on how to register  Note: You do not need a letter from the practice, and although the site advises you to present identification documents at the practice, YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS. In most cases your GP will be able to vouch for you to allow your account to be activated. Please DO NOT come to the surgery to present identification documents.

Once you have registered at PatientAccess.com, the practice will review the information and activate your GP Online Access account. Once your account is active, you will be notified by email and also SMS message if you have provided a current mobile number.

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Telephone Line problems

Having trouble getting through on the telephone?

We're experiencing very high call volumes on a daily basis (over 300 calls a day dealt with on average; double our usual amount of calls), so lines are extremely busy every day. If you are able to use eConsult to communicate with the practice, you will receive a response the same day when your eConsult is submitted to us before 12.00pm. Otherwise please try again between 11.00hrs and 12.45 hrs or 15.00hrs - 17.45hrs when the lines are usually less busy.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Coronavirus restrictions remain in place in the GP practice.

NHS England has advised that members of the public and patients should continue to wear face masks and maintain social distancing in all healthcare settings in England after 19 July. Current infection prevention and control guidance from Public Health England has not changed and also advises that face masks should be worn in healthcare settings.
Last updated:  19 Jul 2021 10:19hrs

COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

Please see the latest information here regarding the UK COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Vaccination is available to All adults aged 18 years and over

If you – or someone you know – is expecting vaccination and does not appear to have been contacted or does not yet have an appointment booked for a Covid-19 vaccination, then please get in touch now by calling the dedicated Covid-19 vaccination telephone number: 01869 943108

If you need a confirmation letter of COVID-19 vaccination, please download the NHS App or see NHS COVID pass letterLetters are not available through your GP practice.

COVID-19 Vaccination - Guide for Older Adults

Have we got your correct contact details?

Changed address? - Update your GP record

Changed your mobile phone? - Update your contact

Last updated:  15 Jul 2021 10:19hrs

NHS COVID-19 Vaccination Scam Warning

Does your GP practice have your up to date contact details?

When you move house, or change your mobile, it's very easy to forget who needs your new contact details.

Your GP practice uses many tools in order to contact you about your care, and one of the main ways to keep in touch and send you information is the use of SMS text messages. Remember to update your contact details - update your mobile number - so we can keep in touch.

If you are moving house, you can make sure your GP practice has all of your new details very simply and quickly by completing the online Change of Address form

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Travel options to get to Bicester Health Centre

By Bike

The Health Centre has bike racks outside the main entrance.

By Bus - Nearest Stops

Bicester Community Hospital, Kings End. See Live Bus Departures from OxonTime
Bicester Community Hospital, Piggy Lane See Live Bus Departures from OxonTime

By Car

Park at Bicester Park and Ride car park, Kingsmere (free for up to 24 hours) and take the S5 bus to Piggy Lane Bicester. The surgery is a 2 minute walk from the bus stop.

Return fare £1.80 (Fare correct as at February 2018)

Parking at Bicester Health Centre is very limited. Please consider using alternative parking in Bicester if you are more able, leaving the small number of parking spaces for less able or infirm patients. Please note that parking at Bicester Health Centre is provided for persons whilst on the premises only. We ask that you move your vehicle after leaving Bicester Health Centre. Parking controls are maintained by a contractor and penalty charges may be applied if vehicles are parked inappropriately.

Our Mission Statement

To offer equitable and accessible high quality clinical care to all our patients. To work in partnership with our patients to navigate the changes in their health and ensure that they receive the best possible care available to them.

Our Aims and Objectives

  •  To provide high quality care to all our patients based on need within a confidential and safe environment, respecting equality and diversity.
  • To put patients’ needs at the heart of service design and the delivery of clinical care.
  • To work in partnership with patients to promote good health and wellbeing.
  • To respond rapidly and honestly to patients’ concerns and complaints.
  • To drive innovation within the practice to ensure that systems and personnel are optimised to deliver effective care within the changing structures of the health system, advances in medicine and the needs of patients.
  • To ensure a high standard of knowledge and motivation within the practice team by maintaining a culture of honesty and reflection such that all staff feel confident to question and analyse the clinical care we deliver through audit, significant event review, education and informal meetings.
  • To provide a learning environment for all our staff, including training nurses, nurse practitioners, medical students and doctors.
  • To ensure the safety of our staff and patients within the practice and wider environment as much as possible.
  • To liaise with other agencies and individuals contributing to patient care in an effective and timely manner to ensure that patient care is coordinated and appropriate.