Practice Updates

7th Jan

Long-term sickness in our Healthcare Assistant Team

We thank all of our patients for their kind cooperation and forebearance in booking appointments for blood tests, blood pressure tests and dressings. We have had up to 60% of our HCA team off with long-term sickness and we appreciate this has impacted on patient services.  We have been able recruit some locum cover, but unfortunately have been unable to cover all of the hours usually offered. We have a new permanent member of the nursing team joining us on 20 January 2020 and we will continue to look for locum cover to fill any gaps until all of our team are able to return to work.

7th Jan

End of the Fax Machine

In line with national NHS policy, Bicester Health Centre is ceasing use of fax communications. The fax line will close down at 6.00pm on Friday 28 February 2020.

23rd Sep 2019

Bicester Health Centre no longer offers routine ear syringing services


Regrettably, but in common with the other practices in the area, due to the high and increasing demands on general practice, we no longer have capacity to provide this service. We have asked OCCG to support us by commissioning this service from practices but they have declined to do so. In addition, there is not good evidence for the benefit of ear syringing (wax serves a protective function in preventing infection in the ear canal) and there is a small risk of harm (damage to the ear canal and even perforation of the ear drum). See our Ear Care page for information about self-treatment or clinics offering ear wax removal.