Practice Updates

DNA Appointments Q1 2024
24th Apr

Q1 Data: Appointments Not Attended

We are appealing to you to help us reduce the number of appointments not attended at the surgery over the past 3 months. 

We have seen a significant increase in these. We would like you to help us by working together in reducing these and ask that if you need to cancel an appointment, you contact the surgery to do so. This valuable appointment can then be offered to someone else in need. 

The effect of missing appointments without letting us know:

  • Increase in waiting times for appointments
  • Frustration for patients that cannot get an appointment
  • A waste of clinical and administrative resources
  • Potential risk to the health of patients
4th Oct 2023

Changes to the way repeat prescriptions are requested

It has come to our attention that patients and staff have been concerned about the over-ordering of medicines. This can cause: potentially clinical safety issues, medicines being wasted which is costly for the NHS and can have a negative impact on our environment. For these reasons, from 1st Nov 2023 we will no longer be accepting automated ordering of medicines from the pharmacies.


All prescription requests will be encouraged to be processed via:

Patient Access


Repeat slips through our letter box or

Patient request via their pharmacy as and when required only.


We understand that there will be a selected number of vulnerable patients who may need extra support in requesting their medicines, these patients can continue to seek support from their local pharmacies for a solution that best meets their needs.

2023 Booster
24th Aug 2023

Autumn Covid-19/Flu Boosters 2023

We'll be contacting all patients to whom we can offer a Autumn Covid 19 and/or Seasonal Flu booster jab. Please wait to get your text or call. You don't need to contact us - we'll get in touch with you when the clinics are ready.

The eligible cohorts for COVID-19 vaccination and Seasonal Flu vaccination are similar, but they are NOT identical.

Seasonal Flu Vaccination Cohort Eligibility

  • Those aged 65 years and over
  • Those aged 6 months to under 65 years in clinical risk groups
  • Pregnant women
  • All children aged 2 or 3 years on 31 August 2023
  • Primary school aged children (from Reception to Year 6)
  • Those in long-stay residential care homes
  • Carers in receipt of carer’s allowance, or those who are the main carer of an elderly or disabled person.
  • Close contacts of immunocompromised individuals
  • Frontline workers in a social care setting

COVID-19 Vaccination Cohort Eligibility

  • Residents in a care home for older adults
  • All adults aged 65 years and over
  • Persons aged 6 months to 64 years in a clinical risk group
  • Frontline health and social care workers
  • Persons aged 12-64y who are household contacts of people with immunosuppression.
  • Persons aged 16-64y who are carers and staff working in care homes for older adults.
29th Mar 2023

Spring Covid-19 Boosters Jabs

We'll be contacting all patients to whom we can offer a Spring booster jab. Please wait to get your text, call or letter. You don't need to contact us - we'll get in touch with you when jabs are ready.
Jabs will not be available before April. Patients will be contacted sometime between April and June.
These are the people who’ll be eligible for a booster this time - it’s slightly different:
-  adults aged 75 years and over
- residents in a care home for older adults
- individuals aged 5 years and over who are immunosuppressed
22nd Feb 2023

Appointments for Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings

If you're someone who's unable to come along for an appointment during the normal working hours of your GP surgery then there are special Saturday morning and weekday evening clinics.  

An appointment at one of these special hours clinics is made by contacting the patient services team at the Bicester practice where you're registered and will be subject to availability.

The special hours clinics are held as shown here: 

  • Saturday mornings between 8am and 1pm at Bicester Health Centre, Coker Close, OX26 6AT
  • Wednesday evenings between 6pm and 8pm at Bicester Health Centre, Coker Close, OX26 6AT

We understand that patients who wish to attend for a weekday evening or Saturday morning clinic may have some further questions, such as those shown below, and so we have provided answers for further assistance on both the clinics and the booking process.

Q. Will I be able to book a Saturday or evening appointment with my usual GP?

A. No, a rota of GPs will be available. If you need to see your usual or 'named' GP then please ensure you tell the patient services team at your surgery.

Q. How will I know where to go?

A. Your appointment will be confirmed in the normal way over the phone or by text when booking. Please ensure you've registered your mobile phone number with your practice.

Q. How do I cancel out of hours if I no longer need or can't make the booked appointment?

A. If you receive a text confirmation then you'll be able to cancel by following the instructions contained in the link within the text on your phone.

Q. How exactly do I book?

A. Please call your surgery in the normal way and ask for an appointment outside of normal working hours. The patient services team will be able to tell you if one is available and make the arrangements from that point. Saturday appointments MUST be pre-booked and are not available to be made on that day.

11th Jul 2022

Information for patients for blocked ears

Bicester Health Centre does not offer routine ear syringing services. There are a number of private services available to patients locally, which can be found using either web searches or telephone enquiries.

You may find the information below is helpful in managing difficulties with a build-up of ear wax.

Blocked ears wax patient information.pdf

10th Jun 2022

Useful Numbers for Carers

Out of hours Duty Social Worker- 0800 833 408

Child and Adult Social Care- 0345 050 7666

Carers Oxfordshire- 01235 424 715

Enrych IT Support-  07518 300 387

Oxfordshire Family Information Service- 01865 323 332

Age UK Oxfordshire-  0345 450 1276

Carers UK-  0808 808 7777

Oxfordshire Mind- 01865 247 788

Oxforshire Family Support Network- 07821 987 080

Samaritans- 116 123

The Money Advice Service-  0800 138 7777

10th Jun 2022

Free Workshops for Carers

A programme of leisure and therapeutic offers for carers to enjoy that will help you to do something for yourself. 

These workshops are made for carers and are free for carers to attend. They can also help you connect with other carers.

To find out what's available this year, please follow the link below:

Events Archive - Carers Oxfordshire

8th Jun 2022

Care for a Cuppa

Carers UK offer online chats, Care for a Cuppa, to give carers the opportunity to take a little break and spend some time talking to people who understand what they are going through.
These are run weekly via Zoom.
Follow the link below to find out more:
8th Jun 2022

Carers UK

Every day 6000 people in the UK become carers, looking after family or friends who are older, disabled or seriously ill. 

The 'system' can be bewildering. The emotions can be shattering. However caring affects you, we're here. 

For help and advice, visit the link below:

Help and advice on caring - Carers UK

7th Jun 2022

Am I A Carer?

A carers assessment is the best way to look at what support you are giving to someone and what is needed to help you look after yourself, stay well and safe, while you are caring for someone else. 

If you’re feeling less able to cope or if things feel quite difficult for you, an assessment can help.

Follow the link below for more information on Carers Assessments:

Carer's Assessments - Carers Oxfordshire

7th Jun 2022

Carers Oxfordshire

Carers Oxfordshire is a free service which offers information, advice and support to adult carers of someone living in Oxfordshire.

This means if you are 18 or older and a child, another adult or both, who lives in Oxfordshire, relies on you because they are unable to cope themselves, you can rely on us as you figure out your path.

Whether you’re caring for an adult, a child or both, taking on a caring role for the first time, or have many years’ experience, you can rely on us.

Click on the link below to find out more about your role as a carer and how to get support- 

Recognise your role as a vitally important carer - Carers Oxfordshire

30th May 2022

Thank you to the Volunteers!

The Bicester GP practices have worked together to produce a special souvenir book for the people who played a crucial part in helping vaccinate and protect the local community from Covid-19 from the very start in 2020, through the height of the pandemic and then during the emergency and vaccine boosters stages into 2022.

The book has been printed and given to those who worked and volunteered, and our patients may have met, at Bicester Vaccination Centre at the Bicester Heritage site.

If you'd like to view the book online in its digital form then please simply CLICK HERE .

We hope you'll enjoy reading it.